My name is David and I make computers do stuff. I've been making websites for 20 years — some of them are even useful [citation needed]

Software Engineering

I'm currently a Staff Software Engineer at Pathstream, helping our frontline students learn technology skills to unlock upward mobility into professional careers.

I write occasionally about programming - most recently Building Games with Kids

Video Games

I have made a hobby of making games with my daughters. We started with a Scratch for Beginners book and I've begun exploring alternatives.

Most recently I've been playing around with Tic80 and made a game about Rainbow Princesses.

Tabletop Games

When I'm not programming computers I'm probably playing games. I have a ton of tabletop games and will spend a lot of time talking about them. I've made a cross-platform application for making and playing low-prep roleplaying games with friends over Zoom.