Tabletop Games

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I play a lot of tabletop games when I'm not at a computer. I've even tried to build some of my own, mixing together my software skills with one of my favorite hobbies to try and build roleplaying games that drive themselves.



My biggest game project so far is Tenkiwi, an open source platform I built for playing storytelling games. Imagine it as a platform for building Jackbox games with Dungeons and Dragons.

Tenkiwi supports two game modes out of the box, and I've built 4 other game modes released as expansions you can get on Itch. You can learn more about it on the itch page . It's build with Clojure and Clojurescript (+ Expo for native apps) and the server component is hosted in Heroku.

Tenkiwi Games

Charge Party Extra

I really like Charge as a generic RPG system. I wrote a "Charge Extra" to simulate some of the mechanics from Forged in the Dark games that have crew mechanics.


See also - my list of Gaming Resources

Our family tries to play board games and RPGs at least once a month - here are some of the games we've enjoyed.

With the Kiddos

  • My Little Scythe - this is a great interpretation of the Scythe rules geared toward kids.
  • No Thank You, Evil! - a great starter RPG
  • Charge RPG - great bones for playing custom one-shots the kids request on RPG day

Grownup Games

  • Scythe
  • Dune Imperium
  • Game of Thrones LCG
  • Lord of the Rings LCG
  • Arkham Horror (2nd and 3rd edition)